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Living in Washington DC

As a noteworthy political stage, Washington D.C. attracts individuals from everywhere throughout the world. Some are going to, and a few, similar to you, are hoping to make the city their new home. Relocating can be an upsetting, disappointing experience, especially when you’re moving into a major city. Bigger cities are buzzing with their own culture and, as a rule and sets of unwritten principles that newcomers must take in the hard way.

The Washington, DC territory is an extraordinary place to live with an assortment of choices for work, recreation and ways of life. While everybody has different preferences, you may wonder if the city or suburbia of the country’s capital are ideal for you. Here are the upsides and downsides to living in the Washington, DC region.

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Washington DC Neighborhoods

Washington DC is a cosmopolitan city with neighborhoods ranging from hip to historic. Although there is wide variety of housing, finding an apartment in Washington DC can often be a daunting task. Lack of familiarity with the city and the desire to find an affordable apartment in a safe […]

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Getting Around Washington DC

As one of the top 10 worst traffic cities in the country, driving around Washington DC can be challenging due to confusing traffic patterns and congested roads during rush hour. Also, finding on-street parking can be tedious because spaces are premium. As a result, many Washington DC residents […]

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Cost of Living

Although the cost of living in Washington DC is less expensive than NYC or Boston, it is considered among the highest in the country. However, there are many free cultural activities that really add to the quality of life once you can afford the rent. There is always something free and interesting to do in the nation’s capital.

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Museums & Art Galleries

Would you like to spend the day visiting the Smithsonian museums and galleries? Maybe the White House or the Lincoln Memorial too? You can do all this without spending a lot of money on a guided tour by using the Metro System, which connects the most popular areas of DC.

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Guides to Washington DC

Do you prefer to do your homework offline? There are some great guides about moving and working in Washington DC. Discover the city one step at the time and get detailed information and tips from Washington DC insiders […]

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Embassies in DC

Did you know that Washington DC has an international side? With more than 177 embassies in the nation’s capital, planning your trip abroad should be a piece of cake. In fact, the stretch of Massachusetts Avenue from 18th to 35th Street is called “Embassy Row” which is home to many embassies and consular offices.

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Popular Neighborhoods

Adams Morgan

Perfect for young professionals who enjoy nightlife.


Charming, family oriented, and pet friendly.


Small and close to everything.